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Women's Connection:

provides mentoring and guidance to any female of all ages.  This program encourages women and girls in transition to embrace change, improve performance, raise awareness, and assist in personal and professional development. The program encouragement for transformational change, performance, awareness and development through a coaching, Mentorship and peer-support/networking services. It can be a 1:1 or group settings with Talking Circle components added in the series.


Group or 1:1 session

A monthly series in a group or 1:1 coaching session to help women and youth discovering a new way of thinking with growth mindset, celebrate life in spite of the Ups and Downs, and be inspire to keep moving forward. The goal is to help women or youth recognize and navigate life transition, discovery or find momentum. Current group series: Why Discovery, Gratitude Journaling, Momentum Circle (Business Technical Assistant -TA) and InterConnection Circle.


Monthly on the fourth Tuesday

M.o.M (Mentoring on the Moment) is speed dating meets mentoring. At this event, the program is set up in a typical speed dating environment with tables for two. Depending on the number of participants, there could be at least 20 mentors to meet in one session. The goal is for Mentees to meet as many Mentors in 1 ½ hours as humanly possible and have a blast doing it. A speed mentoring event could potentially raise awareness of the benefits of mentoring and kick-start connections that build over time.  Sessions are held monthly on the 4th Tuesday. Meet our TOP Mentors here :

Peer-Support Network


Peer-Network group session will support the ability to understand others' behavior, life circumstances, react or reflect on feelings while improving mindsets for growth. It is offered in a group setting similar to a Talking Circle activity. 

Specific Peer-Network supporting groups:

Discovery (Transition)

Momentum Circle (Women owned business, Start-up and Entrepreneurship)

InterConnections (Intersectional)

Young Women of Toledo (female ages 15 to 26)

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To educate, engage and empower women and youth to keep moving forward.



Be a part of our Educate, Empower and Engage- 3E Ambassadors Team to raise awareness and contribute to our community, and an opportunity to develop lifetime friendships and peer-networks with a diverse group of women.

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