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HeForShe Toledo

Men are not on the sidelines of the gender equality movement. We all have a critical role to play in uplifting women’s voices and empowering opportunity in our community. We’re here to help our community flip the script on women’s roles in leadership in workplaces, our community and beyond—and we’re calling on you to want you to be part.

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What is HeForShe?

HeForShe is UN Women’s solidarity movement for gender equality. HeForShe invites men and boys to build on the work of the women’s movement as equal partners, crafting and implementing a shared vision of gender equality that will benefit all of humanity. 
Women of Toledo recognizes that gender equality is not just a women’s issue, it’s a human rights issue. That’s why in Fall 2018, we launched local HeForshe, WOT Men as Allies Initiatives, inviting men in Toledo to be our allies and stand in solidarity with Women of Toledo to create a bold, visible and united force for gender equality.

What We're Here to Do

Accelerating Women's Economic Empowerment

Recent research highlights the significant gender gap in leadership and pay that persists across the business sector. HeForShe engages male CEOs and other leaders as champions for gender equality within their own organizations, encouraging them to question the status quo and commit to concrete action. On an individual level, HeForShe engages men to examine how their own personal and professional lives can better recognize, reduce, and redistribute care and responsibilities between the market and the state, between the household and the workplace, and between women and men.

Making An Impact For Gender Equality In Greater Toledo

HeForShe Commitments

HeForShe Contributors

HeForShe attendance to women's programs

How You Can Make A Difference


 Donate a minimum of $250 to our No Women Left Behind Fund annually*


Attend at least one of our quarterly Women’s Economic Empowerment/Forum and Community activities/ sessions for educational purposes


Participate and bring a guest to our HeForShe September/October program session


Evaluate & and report the issue on women’s advocacy that you are working on and championing in the marketplace, workplace, and community.

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