*This is a collaboration project under Women of Toledo's Fiduciary & partnership with UN Women's Empower Women Global Champions for Change.
Website: www.419HerHub.org

What :

An online one-stop shop connection to local women’s development opportunities


HerHub’s mission is to connect women, resources and organizations through an online HUB that will expand HER potential.

HerHub Goals

  • Helping women find the right opportunities to connect and grow, from professional development to volunteer and advocacy opportunities. 

  • Enhancing existing women’s groups and events by building a large network of women to promote activities to through this one-stop shop.

  • Reducing duplication and schedule conflicts among women’s activities to enhance partnerships, activity attendance, and funding.

  • Strengthening local companies by connecting female employees to the right networking and professional development opportunities.

  • Promoting and supporting female-owned businesses.

HerHub Website Components

  • A comprehensive list of organizations/groups women can join

  • A calendar of women’s events throughout Greater Toledo

  • A list of women-owned businesses

  • Volunteer & Board opportunities for women to be a part of

  • Advocacy opportunities for women to act on together

Case Study

Julie is new to town and does not feel part of the community yet, but she is not sure where to look. A colleague recommends HerHub as a starting point. Julie searches the types of opportunities that fit her interest and her schedule. After attending a few events, Julie goes back to HerHub to connect with a more ongoing opportunity to serve as a volunteer committee member. Julie is now on two boards and excited to be part of the Greater Toledo community.


Founding Partners: 


HerHub Leadership Circle Meeting:

Every 1st Monday of the month at 4:30pm -United Way of Greater Toledo

For more info please contact:

Nina Corder, UN Women EW Champion for Change


Email: nina@womenoftoledo.org

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To educate, engage and empower women and youth to keep moving forward.



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