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InterConnections Circle

Our Pilot Connection services of InterConnections, serves women, youth, and families that identify elements of intersection which includes Interracial, Interfaith, and Intercultural in their lives. We bring community members together to learn from and support each other and grow in the community.

With educational components added in each series session, our program can help our participants to navigate the labyrinth of interracial dating, raising interfaith children (or not), and to figure it out, together. Here, everyone can learn and grow so that we can

take that knowledge back to our own circle of influence and make small ripples in the pond of ignorance, making social changes and Greater Toledo a more welcoming place.

In Talking Circles, everyone is equal and belongs. It symbolizes a sacred space created where all who come, come to listen and respect the views of all in the circle. Our organization successfully organizes various topics of talking circles and finds the method a very effective way to remove barriers, increase mental healthcare competency, and to allow people to express themselves with complete freedom.

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