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Young Women Circle


Young Women Circle is an opportunity for intersectional and young females ages 15 to 26 to share, discuss, and debate constructively to help build empowerment. YWC strives to emulate our three pillars to Educate, Engage, and Empower through diversity & inclusion while advocating for women’s economic empowerment.


YW includes various activities throughout the Fall & Spring seasons such as opportunities to be part of the Genius Circle Series Program, Apprenticeship (serve as Task team), the Talking Circles and GroupMe Networks, attend our Power Hour and Advocacy Seminars, Mentorship and Volunteerism. **see below under activities and program calendar.


Opportunity for High School: Start your own YWOT chapter at your school! If you’re interested in starting a YWOT chapter in your school, we’d love to connect and help you! Email us at info@womenoftoledo.org for further details.

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Toni Shoola


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Tonya Rider


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Nina Corder


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Network: Build peer-support and friends circle

Mentorship: Connect with women and community leaders

Advocacy: Learn how to advocate and get involved

Mindset: Growth knowledge/skills (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Consciousness (CQ)

ABC: Improve Attitude, Behavior, and Character

Community Service through volunteerism and philanthropy efforts

Servant Leadership with opportunities, internships, and job-shadowing



Monthly General Meeting

Genius Circle, Mentorship and Ambassadors Meet-Up

Opportunity to attend our monthly community Talking Circles

Big IDEA Program

  • Fall: International Day of the Girl

  • Spring: 419Taste Diversity and Inclusion

Advocacy Power Hour and Training Session

Social Circle Activities: movies, bowling, cooking

Plug opportunities to attend all programs and services, including coaching and mentorship offered by Women of Toledo


YWOT Funders and Supporters

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