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We provide mentorship and help leadHERway.

Our Work

There are over 430,000+ women and girls in Northwest Ohio. We’re on a mission to educate, engage, and empower them.

We believe in providing space for women and girls to learn skills and knowledge to tackle issues critical to women’s economic advancement and interrupt various biases in the workplace, marketplace, community, and family.


Create meaningful connections with women of diverse backgrounds and discover opportunities to grow. We've got so much to offer from educational initiatives, networking, and much more!


Raise awareness about Women of Toledo and contribute to our community. We provide opportunities to develop lifetime friendships and peer-networks with a diverse group of women.


Each time you make a sustained monthly gift of $25 you are supporting women's economic empowerment, gender equality and helping build a stronger community with HER in it.


Promote your company's commitment to compassion and generosity while working to push for equality and empower over 1,200+ women & youth  that are currently a part of our circle.

Upcoming Programs and Activities

No upcoming events at the moment

Information, References, and Resources


We help female founders, women-led, and women-owned businesses to get access to opportunities that will help further sustain their businesses.


Helping foster belonging in workplaces

for newcomers, and

international professionals.


​Our mentorship programs provide mentoring and guidance for any woman of all ages. The goal for our Mentors and Mentees is to gain the opportunity and ability to connect and more.


Community Resource provides a general overview of some of the resources available in Lucas County. For a more comprehensive list of available resources and referrals please dial 2-1-1


Our Community Impact

Ready to make a difference?

Donating $175 helps a young woman build her seat at the table, $250 helps a woman in transition go through transformational change, and $500 helps sustain our advocacy forums. 

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