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Intercultural Expressions

About our Intercultural Gala​

Our Annual Intercultural Gala is where you can experience the richness of the culture and diversity of our city, Toledo. We believe this type of event will provide cross-cultural education and interaction, leading to global understanding, innovation, and, ultimately, a better, more inclusive community. In addition, this Gala helps benefit our general fund and continues to support our programs.

Get involved in our 2024 Intercultural Gala!

Screenshot 2024-05-09 125023_edited.png

2019 Intercultural Fashion

2023 Intercultural Gala

2018 Intercultural Fashion

2016 Intercultural Dance

2015 Intercultural Fashion

For more info about this Intercultural Gala email us at or call our office at 567.970.7172 to speak to one of Intercultural Gala Planning Committee Team Members. 

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