In 2016 our Leadership team was given the opportunity to join The White House Chief of Staff in Washington DC. As the Administration came to an end, it was the final forum of its kind hosted by President Obama’s White House Council on Women and Girls.

Leadership & Governance

Our leadership team is bold and imaginative, we focus on building the movement and efforts that will equip us in the moment of both crisis and opportunity. We believe engaging in strategies that are adaptive and aim for transformation rather than solely incremental change. The leadership believes in leading with a growth mindset and understands that for the organization to be impactful at serving, we as leaders must know first-hand how to break down gender equity barriers and empower ourselves as advocates on critical issues ranging from health, violence against women, economic security, entrepreneurship, human rights, and education.


Therefore, to keep our bosses on the leadership track for the long haul, Women of Toledo’s team knows that it must stop sprinting through life and start training for it like a marathon. Our leaders are trained at state, national and international levels to better equip ourselves at bringing our community in Greater Toledo together to discuss the challenges that women and youth face in their daily life. 

The Advisory Board and all Leadership Team meets every 2nd Monday of the month at 5pm to 6:30pm. Meeting start at 5:15pm. We meet at the Women of Toledo Meeting Room 301 at 425 Jefferson, 3rd Floor, Downtown Toledo.

Executive & Board of Directors

Michelle Ansara

MTS Seating

Co-Founder & President

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Audrey Johnson

Achieve Academy 


Meagan Jackson


  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Tracy Jacobs

Owens Corning 


Founder &

Dr. Kasumi Yamazaki 

Univ of Toledo

Impact Measurement

(on medical leave)


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Sabrina Weaver

Owens Corning 

Expansion & Development



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Dr. Brenda Holsey




Sierra Ortiz

New York Life 

Media & Public Relations



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Nasim Nabiyouni

Fundraising I


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Stephanie Villegas




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Shayna Duke

Campbell Soup

Special Projects


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Shayna Duke

Campbell Soup

Special Projects


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Open Position

Fundraising I


Stephanie Villegas




  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Shayna Duke

Campbell Soup

Special Projects


  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Michelle Molnar


Partners & Supporters


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Ambassadors Circle


Sena Mourad Friedman

The Fair Housing Center



Nutan Dixit

Mrs. Bharat Elite USA 2019
Mrs. Bharat Ohio 2019
Mrs. Congeniality

Zobaida Falah

The Cure Bar


Task Force & Program Team


Nina Corder


Managing & Program


Nina's full Bio here

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Kristina ElSayed 


Office & Program Coordinator

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Anna Brogan-Knight


Program Associate

Nacema ElOrra


Operating bookkeeper & Account Associate



Israelle Nelson

Volunteer Associate

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Liz Mohler & Cristina Magana with Marketing Mgmt 

Marketing & Social Media Associate



Karen Kiemnec

Discovery Coach

(Areas of Expertise: Women in Transition, Journey Work, Belief System and more)


Ellie Raghavan

Coach & Facilitator

(Areas of Expertise: Vision Board, Youth Development, Women's Empowerment and social work)

Young Women: Genius Circle

Deanna Solis

Young Women of Toledo

Nisha Luke

Young Women of Toledo


Henna Thakkar

Young Women of Toledo




Past Board Members & Leadership Team 








Nasim Nabiyouni - Fundraising 2018/2019

Robin Mahle - Partners & Supporters 2018/2019

Traci Hernandez - PR/Marketing & Communication 2019

Reena Dar - Vice President 2018/2019

Hyfah Hilou - Fundraising  2018/2019

Christie McKenzie - HerHub 2018/2019

Nacema ElOrra - Founding Board 2014-2017, Executive Board, Treasurer 2017-2018

Rebecca Facey - Advisory Board By Laws & Policy 2017-2018

Mickey Radtkin - Founding Board 2014-2016 & Advisory 2016-2018

Audrey Johnson - Founding Board 2014/2015, VP 2016/2017 & Advisory 2017/2018

Kristen Murray - Task Force 2017/2018

Judge Lisa McGowan- Founding Board 2014/2015 & Advisory 2017/2018

Brandi Walerius- Task Force 2017

Deborah Rayford - Task Force 2017

Rachel Richardson -Task Force 2017

Jean Schoen- Founding Board 2014/2015, Chairperson 2015-2017 & Advisory 2017

Nailya Weber - Executive Secretary 2015-2017

Shelley Foos - Founding Board 2014/2015, Chairperson 2016/2017

Afreen Alvi - Youth Chairperson 2016/2017

Autumn Gineen - Founding Board 2014/2015, Treasurer 2015-2017

Denise Baldwin Davis - Chairperson 2016/2017

Kristen Knighten - Chairperson 2016/2017

Danielle Reddick- Task Force 2016/2017

Alcy Barakat - Founding Youth Chairperson 2015/2016

Sandy Pirwitz- Founding Board 2014/2015/2016

Marla Robbins- Founding Board 2014/2015

Leadership Team in Action

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To educate, engage and empower women and youth to keep moving forward.



Be a part of our Educate, Empower and Engage- 3E Ambassadors Team to raise awareness and contribute to our community, and an opportunity to develop lifetime friendships and peer-networks with a diverse group of women.

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