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No Women Left Behind Scholarship Program

About No Women Left Behind​

Our No Women Left Behind (NWLB) Initiative offers any women, young women & Disconnected Youth with financial hardship within our Women's Connection Participants to receive direct aid, or attend a Professional Educational Development series, Mentoring, and Coaching services for FREE! In 2017, 93% of our participants had access to all of our programs and services for FREE

How is our NWLB program supported?

More about Macaron Day

Inspired by the annual Jour du Macaron in Paris, in which free macarons are given out and proceeds are given to charity, the patrons of So Sweet Pastries receive one free macaron in exchange for making a donation to The Women of Toledo’s “No Women Left Behind” scholarship program. Macaron Day is hosted every year on March 20.


“I've been empowered by Women of Toledo both, by their coaches and mentors. Every session, I learn something new, gain confidence to reach for something more, and find a greater peace with the role I play in my family. The passion for supporting women is evident in WOT Team, which inspires me to be a better person. And to be able to partake in this journey for free just a blessing for a single mom to 2 young children”


— NWLB, age 23, Discovery Series recipient.


Every $250 we raise will fund 1 marginalized or disconnected women or young women in transition to receive an emergency fund during transition or intensive series of coaching, mentoring, and peer-networking support group session.

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