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Economic Empowerment &
Workforce Diversity

At Women of Toledo, we believe that investing in gender equality, women’s economic development, and empowerment can help eradicate extreme poverty, build vibrant economies, and unlock human potential on a transformational scale. 

About our Economic Development & Workforce Initiatives

We aim to support these efforts, as we continue to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusivity to bridge the equity and network gap in all areas of the marketplace and workplace in our community.

Business Meeting

Business Development Opportunity & Services

Our business development opportunity and assistance (technical/non-technical) offer support to our women-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and peers to receive advising or counseling services from our network partners or in-house business advisors. Women are increasingly harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit, and it is critical to encourage and support this behavior with a focus on eliminating obstacles and facilitating the growth of their businesses.

Business Engagement
& Navigator Outreach 

Supported by the City of Toledo, Department of Housing and Community Development, Business Engagement & Navigator Outreach (BENO) services offer a grassroots effort at canvassing in Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA), in specific three areas -  the Old South End, Englewood Boundaries, and the Junction Choice Neighborhood to help coordinate small business access to capital and services, including City resources, training, financial counseling, technical assistance, and mentorship.

Grocery Store Staff
At the Flower Shop

Workforce Development

 Our Workforce Development program with a focus to integrate our immigrants, refugees, and international professionals into the workplace or marketplace, through skill-building, mentoring, and networking efforts. Our goal for this expansion is to reduce employment and economic empowerment barriers facing women professionals migrating from other countries while advancing the inclusion of their skills into our local economy.

Entities & Collaboration under our Economic Empowerment Initiative

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