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Honoring #HerLegacy 

Memorial Michelle Ansara (8.5 × 11 in) (1).png

Why support Women of Toledo?

When you support Women of Toledo you are helping to support the No Women & Girls Left Behind Scholarship Fund, which offers any women, young women, and Disconnected Youth that have been identified as underserved, marginalized, or in transition, with financial hardship to receive emergency funds or direct aid during transitional, and/or attend any Educational Development series, coaching services, and ticketed events for free. 

Thank You for Your Generosity.

Below are the contributors of Michelle Ansara's Memorial Fund and Donors in supporting of the No Women & Girls Left Behind. 

Amjad Doumani

Andrea VanProoyen

Ann and Louis Ansara

Anthony Calamunci, Sr.

Benita Robinson

Beth Haupricht

Brad and Leslie McArthur

Claudia R Sauer

Cory Wolin

Cynthia, Stephanie, and Sarah Hensley

D. J. and T. S. Nodine

Daniell Patterson

Debby Peters

Denise Hibbs

Dhawi & Dave Pienta

Dr. David Kim & Erin Marten

Erin Baker

Fred Kreger

Heidi Johnson

Ionne Simmons

Itzel Krauss

Jake Foley

Jayne Nachtrab

Joann and William Phipps

Kameel and Jacqueline Ansara

Karen Kiemnec

Karen Kiemnec

Kellie Bailey

Khanisha McCoy

Lazalle-Lake Consulting

Leslie Setlock

Lisa Mains

Lori Cannon, Edward Jones

Marissa Bringman

Mark and Janet Ansara

Marlene Lederman

Mary Ann and Robert Warr

Mary Bilyeu

Mary E Keeley

Meg Ressner

Megan Wertenberger

Michel Ansara

Mohamad Awad

Nazera and Daniel Czerniak

Pamela Weirauch

Rachel Hobson

Raina Dawson

Ray and Kristie Birch

Sheena Rausch

Sheila Eason

Shyam Suchak

Steven Katzman

Susan Gonzalez-Milliron

Veronica Elchert

William Ansara

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