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About Women of Toledo

Our Mission​

The Women of Toledo's mission is to educate, engage, and empower women and young women to keep moving forward.

Our History


The first WOT diversity strategy initiatives begin in March 2013, with a group of eighteen diverse women with active roles as community leaders in Greater Toledo.

Officially established, Inclusive for Women Inc., DBA, Women of Toledo. We host our first ever Meet and Greet at the River Arts Gallery in the Secor Building.



Women of Toledo's initiative, Herhub under Nina Corder earned their designation as UN Women Empowered Women Champion for Change.

We officially expanded our team and hired an Associate Director and two program associates.


Circle of Sustainability


Expected outcomes for our program services & activities.​

Since its inception, WOT has provided education, engagement, and empowerment to all women and youth in Greater Toledo. The organization has a well-developed organizational structure with both an Advisory and Governance Board. At all times cooperation and collaboration are sought in the community, to ensure that duplication is eliminated.

Measurement on impact includes:​

  • Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy, did participants successfully develop a greater sensitivity to the challenges and opportunities in Greater Toledo to be a responsible citizen in the community and increase their awareness of how to become dynamic, global and diverse?

  • Decision Making, is the individual able to make healthy decisions, develop self-esteem, and become empowered? These factors are conducive to obtaining/maintaining employment, returning to school, being a good parent, and responsible citizen. 

  • Economic Empowerment, did participants improve their quality of life and capacity to bring about economic change for themselves, by overcoming poverty, discrimination, and exploitation? Quality of life is extremely important as it is the contributing factor to achieving gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth for their lives, families, and communities.

  • Advancing Social and Emotional Learning, did participants successfully develop skills to mentor others on how to create an inclusive relationship? This includes high performance and interacting in a group setting; where the individual is able to speak, disagree, offer insights, and reflect to produce a meaningful conversation.

  • Professional and Personal Development, did participants successfully build skills that increase professional success and adapt to various organizational cultures?


The program framework helps participants reflect on their role as an individual in creating an innovation community where participants work towards positive living.

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