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We established a special Responsive Advocacy Task Force to help lead, support, and assist at educating, engaging, and empowering our female community (and HeForShe) pertaining to our current political, economic and social issues.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing education and awareness opportunities while sharing resources and material on structural/systemic racism, economic injustice, and gender inequality.

  • Support and advocate for better public policies and a more equitable marketplace and workplace, because to make lasting change, we need institutional change.

  • How to dismantle implicit biases and barriers mindsets.

  • Engaging in the advocacy process of allyship with the support of our current Educational Initiative and Women's Connection program session.

  • Seeking collaboration and/or programs partnership opportunities with various local organizations, institutions, businesses, governmental agencies, and individuals that share similar goals and outcomes on the issues.


Our Core Objectives

To be responsive at listening, learning to relearn, and work to understand the problem, identify how to turn the problem into issues, which then become doable and solvable through Prevention, Intervention, and Retention.

"The process of empowerment cannot be simplistically defined in accordance with our own particular class interests. We must learn to lift as we climb".
- Angela Davis


Partners and Collaborators in Advocacy

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Advocacy Task Force & Advisory 

Angie Fitzpatrick.jpeg

Nina Corder


Learn more about Nina:

UN Women - Empower Women

Toledo City Paper: The Big Idea 2019

2016 White House Council on Women & Girls

Paula Ross - Advisor

The Founding Member of the Matriots PAC


Linda Furney - Advisor

Ohio Senate, 1986 - 2002

Retired elected official for 21 years - Toledo School Board, Council and State Senate

Diana - Do It_edited.jpg

Diana Patton, Esq


A diversity, equity, and inclusion expert, social justice advocate, author, and speaker.

Rise Advocates® Academy


Linda Fayerweather

Business Technology & Research with The Toledo Public Library

Dr. Erin Marten, DNP, CNM

Solace Health and Wellness

Women Healthcare

Leadership Coach and Strategist with The Ronald Group

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