Our individual supporters.

We rely on grassroots donations and monetary supports to fund our work. May we count on you to be part

of our Circle of Friends Supporters? As a SUPPORTER you are helping us with all these positive efforts for

the betterment of our community.

Join our circle

Our Circle of Supporters are women and men in the community that provide sustaining gifts to support our advocacy efforts here locally. Women of Toledo offers programs and services to women and youth in the community for FREE or minimum required fees. 

Why support Women of Toledo?

When you support Women of Toledo you are also catalyst in our - No Women Left Behind Initiative - that offers any women, young women and disconnected youth with financial hardship to attend any of our ticketed events!

Circle of Friends $1 to $249

Thank you for supporting Women of Toledo!

Alana Talkington (Board contribution)

Ambrea Mikolajczyk

Angela Nelson

Anntoinetta Keahey

Audrey Johnson (Board contribution)

Dr. Bradley Rieger (HeforShe)

Brandi Walerius

Dr. Brenda Holsey (Board contribution)

Cami  Roth Szirotnyak

Casey Flanscha

Chelsea Bray

Christie McKenzie/Supplemental Staffing

Christy Stone

Christine Krishnan

Judge Christine Mayle

Cindy  Hille

Darren Washington (HeforShe)

David  Topoleski (HeforShe)

Deb Cash

Debby Peters

Dhawi Pienta

Diana Drew

Diana Patton

Dionne Smith

Dr. John-David Smith/ Dr. Rupali Chandar

Erin Marten

Erin Peterson

Haley  Schall

Heather Nye

Hyfah Hilou

Izzy Nelson (Board contribution)

Jennifer Marten

Jennifer Alford

Joel O'Dorisio (HeforShe)

Jonelle Massey (Board contribution)

Keith Corder (HeforShe)

Kenetta Jones

Kristie Lynn

Kristina ElSayed

Laura Prill

Linda Fayerweather

Linda Furney

Lokita /Mala Rajan (Board contribution)

Lorene Malanowski

Lori Cannon

Louise Crawford Kahle

Mary Murray

Maya  Williams

Marina Zucchini

Michelle Ansara (Board contribution)

Michelle Bradley

Michelle Molnar (Board contribution)

Misty Mountain

Rachel Marie

Ramona Olvera

Rhonda Sewell

Rita Mansour

Robin Mahle

Sabrina Weaver (Board contribution)

Sara Best

Shayna Duke (Board contribution)

Sierra Ortiz (Board contribution)

Stephanie Solheim

Stephanie Villegas (Board contribution)

Tina Perzinki

Tracey Edwards

Yolanda Melendez

Ziad Abu Karam (HeforShe)

Lorrie Beevers

Tyler Serafini

Freda Shamma

Sarah Mason

Kristine Hoffman

Karen Kiemnec

Tina Penzinski