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Our Circle of Supporters are women and men in the community that provide sustaining gifts to support our advocacy efforts here locally. Women of Toledo offers programs and services to women and youth in the community for FREE or minimum required fees. 

Why support Women of Toledo?

When you support Women of Toledo you are also catalyst in our - No Women Left Behind Initiative - that offers any women, young women and disconnected youth with financial hardship to attend any of our ticketed events!

Current Circle of Friends • 2017/2018

Thank you for supporting Women of Toledo!

Since its inception, WOT has provided education, engagement and empowerment to more than 436 women, young women and girls. The organization has a well-developed org 

Alice Magdziak

Alicia Wagner

Alyson Timmons

Arwa Hammuda

Barbara Henkel

Barbara Wilson

Becca Gorman

Brandi Walerius

Brittany Ford

Cami Roth Szirotnyak

Carrie Sund

Christie McKenzie

Christine Ravindra

Christine Villareal

Colleen Sweeney

Crystal Rose

David Erickson

Debby Peters

Denise Martin

Denise Stump

Donetta M Carter

Dorenthea Nemeth

Dr. Elizabeth Julius

Dr. Shanda Gore

Dr. Susanne  Nonekowski

Drew Lindecker

Edna Long

Edna Long

Elenore Weber

Erik Helmer

Erin Gapiey

Eunice Glover

Hong Parshall

Jacqueline Federico

Jamithy Sawade

Jean Schoen

Jennifer E Brouwer

John Frank

John W. Frank

Karen & Mark Eboch

Karen Kiemnec

Keith Corder

Kelli Daniels

Kendra Bills

Kerri Brimmer

Kim Huling

Kimberly Gray

Kimberly Swy

Kristina ElSayed

Kristina White

Linda Everhardt-Kardux

Linda Fayerweather

Linda Furney

Linda Wilker

Lisa Gorby

Liz Thees

Lori Cannon

Mary Keeley

Mary Murray

Melissa Radkov

Michelle Ansara

Mickey Radtkin

Mina Coman

Mona Malik

Monica Costilla

Nikki Kellers

Phyllis Sheets

Ramona Collins-Salim

Rashaunda Jeffries

Rashaunda Williams

Robin Mahle

Sabina Serratos

Sara Best

Shena Kaye

Stephanie Mattoni

Sue Lingenfelter

Susan Milliron

Takeysha Sheppard Cheney

Tomasina Zwayer

Veronica Mora

Veronica Ramos

Zobaida Falah


Our mission is to educate, engage and empower women and youth to keep moving forward. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 47-3035322. 

Donations are tax-deductible.






11:00 AM - 08:00 PM


9:30 AM - 02:30 PM

or by appointment.


9:30 AM - Noon

or by appointment.

425 Jefferson Ave, 3rd floor

Toledo, Ohio 43604



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