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Ambrea Mikolajczyk: Stepped Out the Corporate World to Stepped In for her Community!

Ambrea is a creative Christian mother of 4 who wears multiple hats as most women do. Ambrea recently “Stepped Out” of her corporate career as a Pharmaceutical Sales Business Manager to pursue her passion of restoring old architecture. To dedicate her skill set fulltime to the growth and well-being of the 3 companies she owns, with her husband Kevin. Ambrea is obsessed with designing and creating something special from “undesirable properties” in underserved communities — to restore and beautify buildings that have been forgotten about paying close attention to quality and detail.

The development company was started 11 years ago when she and Kevin purchased a duplex and house at auction, both fixer-uppers in which they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Fast-Forward today they have purchased, renovated and redeveloped numerous single-family homes, duplexes and multi-family dwellings. The newest project includes the former Continental Baking Company Building, better known as the former Wonder Bread Building. Awarded both federal and state historic tax credits, the building is the 10th to receive that honor in the City of Toledo. The historic building will be converted into 24 luxury loft apartments with 2 commercial spaces. She also operates their property management company, Torrey Hill Apartments, LLC. Overseeing the management of the 62 rental units she and her husband own and all the responsibility that comes with being a caretaker of properties.

ARK Restoration & Construction was started to support local residential and commercial development. ARK offers clients a hands-on, customized approach to bring projects to fruition, specializing in construction management, masonry, carpentry, consulting, general contracting, and residential/commercial remodels. With a combined 100+ years’ experience in the field of construction, they employ highly skilled masons, carpenters, project managers, and laborers. The portfolio includes countless residential remodels, including bathrooms, kitchens, fixer-uppers and the complete restoration of 10 buildings, with budgets ranging from $250,000–$6,000,000 and square footage from 1,000–82,000. ARK is a certified minority-owned business enterprise (MBE), awarded by the Equal Opportunity Department of the State of Ohio.

Ambrea strives to make the world a better place in which she found it. To encourage women to do the same based on the natural gifts they were given.

"We all have an important role to play by using our unique skill sets, so we can drastically improve our communities and create an environment where our children can thrive", said Ambrea Mikolajczyk.

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Unknown member
Jun 15, 2020

i'm a Canadian..i am not racist in any way..watching the video ..if he had not run.. he wouldn't have been shot would he??

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