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Rising from Adversity to Empower Others: Deitra Hickey

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

We love our super heroes who swoop in and do it all, but one local woman is empowering women to say “no” to the pressure to be everything to everyone. It’s the Superwoman Syndrome, and Dr. Deitra Hickey is fighting back.

In her first Women’s Empowerment Night last March, Deitra delivered a high-energy evening to a packed arena of 900. Tickets sold out and not everyone could be accommodated. The waitlist was evidence of the demand for empowerment.

Motivated to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend, Deitra has organized a “replay.” On October 17, Women’s Empowerment Night Out returns, complete with live music.

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Deitra has a deep life journey that has infused her with wisdom that she shares with women and men.

As a child, she witnessed a home invasion where both of her parents were shot. Her father was left with a spinal cord injury that paralyzed him. She became a caretaker at her young age to both parents. Her mother passed away at the young age of 48 after battling multiple schlerosis that shortened her life.

The loss of her mother drives Deitra to create a positive impact on others. Proceeds from Women's Empowerment Night Out will sponsor Ruthie's Angels, a local charity named after Deitra’s mother. Ruthie's Angels serves to assist and offer holistic wellness services to individuals suffering from chronic health conditions.

Witnessing her loved ones' pain and overcoming her own struggles has solidified a resilient and determined approach to life. When faced with doubt, depression, and PTSD as an adolescent, Deitra made the decision to overcome and foster a positive perspective. Today, she uses this perspective to influence the lives of others.

Deitra found her purpose and passion. She dedicated her life to supporting others in developing their full health: mind, body, and soul.

An educator at heart, Deitra worked for Toledo Public Schools for 17 years as a teacher, counselor, and principal, and she taught three years at the University of Toledo. Now, she teaches through motivational speaking with the goal to lift up women (and men) and empower them to find the leader within.

Deitra speaks with sincerity, vulnerability, and humor as she motivates her audience members to create well-rounded health. Drawing on her experience, education, and raw passion, Deitra encourages her audience to choose happiness, reevaluate their perspective, reduce stress, develop balance, and more.

As an advocate for holistic health, Deitra founded the Serenity Health & Wellness Center in 2010. Serenity is a med-spa that offers massages, acupuncture, yoga, and other services. Despite a fire that destroyed the Perrysburg center in June 2018, Deitra continues to persevere.

She is no stranger to adversity, even writing one of her three books on the topic: FEARLESS: Strength, Faith and Positivity in the Eyes of Adversity. She models her strength in continuing to move forward.

This Fall, she will be opening a nail salon and spa just two building down from her Maumee wellness center.

With her passion to educate and empower others, Deitra is truly a Women of Toledo. In support of the International Day of the Girl, Deitra will be presenting closing remarks at the Young Women of Toledo BIG Idea event on October 12. This year, the theme is GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable. Deitra certainly is unstoppable.


Experience an empowering, motivational evening with Deitra on October 17 in Perrysburg. Tackle stress, work/life balance, and the Superwoman Syndrome in a high-energy fun night out. You will also enjoy live music from talented female singers, Kyle White and Lindsey Payne. Get your tickets here.

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