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Find Your Passion: #419HerStory with Cami Roth Szirotnyak

Cami Roth Szirotnyak is a writer and intersectional feminist, and is the owner of MillenniAlign, a life-coaching business for millennials. She publishes postmodern fiction under the name candy broth.

Earlier this Fall, Cami used her voice to leave a lasting impact on our city. She helped take down a man who was using his power and Executive Director position of a local nonprofit to harass and treat his women employees and those he served with disrespect. Cami knew that she had to make a difference and speak up for those who felt as if they couldn't. With her work and the help of others, Cami was able to bring down this man who was treating women so poorly. It is this impact that makes us so grateful this Thanksgiving season for Cami and women like Cami who utilize their talents to ensure that all women have the opportunity to live the life they deserve.

We asked Cami what her piece of advice would be to local young women of Toledo and this is what she shared, "I don’t think I would give advice. Instead, I would ask them, “Whose purpose are you serving?” Then, I would encourage them to not answer immediately, but to really think critically about that. We, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, have been groomed to achieve more, show up more, "hustle" more, etc., and as a result, creating more noise and chaos in our lives is automatic and, frankly, a status symbol. We have such a hard time disrupting our OWN lives and creating intention for ourselves. It wasn’t until I started saying no to others and incorporating silence and the practice of meditation that I began to question whose purpose I was really serving…and it became clear rather quickly that it wasn’t mine. I resolved to change that day and embark on learning what my purpose truly was. So, always be aware of intention, including yours, and how it aligns (or doesn't align!) with your purpose."

Thank you, Cami, for using your passion, voice and position in the community to leave a lasting impact on those who felt that they couldn't. Check out Cami's Facebook or Instagram to learn more.

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