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KUMUSTA PO KA in Philippines, ALOHA in Hawaii and HELLO in Ohio with HEIDE ALLAN

A Philippines born and raised in Hawaii, Heide Allan knew early on that she wanted to help others with massage and aromatherapy. “My grandpa said I knew what I wanted to do when I was 2 – but I don’t remember”. Heide, a licensed massage therapist in both Hawaii and Ohio moved to Ohio in 2011 and has since built a successful practice. In 2014, she began selling her own personal care products based on family recipes from the islands.

In February 29, 2016 Heide opened the doors on Transcend by Heide in Maumee.

Using goat milk and coconut milk, along with essential oils, Heide creates soap in bar and jelly forms. Other ingredients include rose water, arrowroot and agar-agar. Her Black Magic soap includes royal jelly and active charcoal to help customers with acne or odor issues. Another combines papaya and goat milk. Kiana’s Skin Soothing Jelly Soap is a highly concentrated wash made of coconut oil that can be used a small spoonful at a time with a loofah. “It’s not a fake lather. I use fruits and oils. I know how to manipulate the ingredients,” Heide said.

Women of Toledo Leadership team was given an opportunity to hosted our Intercultural Committee’s meeting at Heide’s new spa, the LAVA Wellness Spa. The team gathered in a circle in the Salt Room and was able to create a stress-free environment while discussion our final details of our 3rd Intercultural Gala and Fashion Show. Such an extraordinary experience with healing power for mind and body wellness. Heidi, Winner of The Best of Toledo in 2017 and certified AMTA, she and her staff believes in the needs of others with simple, natural healing combining the five elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood which are directly related to our five senses.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to partner with Heide and LAVA Wellness Spa in 2019 as one of our venue for our InterConnection Talking Circle and Young Women of Toledo (YWOT) Wellness session at her spa.

The Grand Opening of LAVA Wellness Spa at 126 Chesterfield Road, Maumee, begins Saturday, October 27th from 10am to 4pm, Sunday noon to 4p and culminates on Monday, October 29th with the Grand Opening Finale by The Maumee Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting ceremony at 11:30am. LAVA Wellness Spa has 4 massage rooms, the staff offers customized deep tissue, hot stone, sports, and pregnancy massages. LAVA showcases Allan’s natural handmade wellness products including the best seller “Fix It Cream” for muscle soreness and soothing. The new five element rooms will include a float spa, two Saunas, Hydrotherapy Tub, Japanese Soaking Tub (hot/cold plunge), Salt Room, and Charcoal Room.

As we stay focus on our mission to advocate on Women Economic Empowerment and supporting local women owned business, we welcome you to support Heide new spa, clear your mind, go to your inner peace to open up to the natural good things in life at the LAVA Wellness Spa.

To learn more about Heide and her spa please visit:

Courtesy of The Mirror, March 3 2016 by Karen Gerhardinger

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