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"Age, gender, and ethnicity holds no boundaries to anything you want to do."

I am Jade Yu, 23-year-old Asian female. I am not a lifelong resident of Toledo, and that’s one of the reasons why I appreciate living here so much. Moving to Toledo after growing up in Georgia gave me the opportunity to experience life from a new perspective, and has allowed me to give back to a community that is so passionate about seeing the city and its people succeed.

As someone who graduated from high school only five years ago, I knew at a young age how important hard work, building relationships, and believing in myself -no matter what- would be for my future. I found an opportunity to become an entrepreneur in a business that creates fun, unique experiences with memories that last a lifetime.

A few years ago, I took notice of how many weddings, non-profits and events there were in the Toledo area. I saw a need in our community for a photo-booth that was not only fun, but also gave attendees the option to take multiple photos or a moving gif, highlights their best features with stellar lighting, and could be shared and engaged with instantly on social media.

I started my own photo-booth rental company, Picture This Picture Booths, and could not be happier with my decision to take the leap and start my own business. It has been such a privilege to have the opportunity to create an exciting experience for someone’s big day, being a part of inspiring cause, or showing employees how fun a corporate event can be. One the favorite aspects of my business is taking grown adults and helping them find their inner child inside.

Although my business is my passion, I am much more than just an entrepreneur. I am a daughter, a sister, a student, a community member, a church-goer, a martial arts competitor, a friend seeker, and an amazing juggler.

My inspiration comes from my younger siblings who look up to me. I have the chance and opportunity to show them that age, gender, and ethnicity holds no boundaries to anything you want to do when you put your mind to it.

Women of Toledo and other similar organizations that empower women have confirmed that knowledge for me. They have become like my big sister; a role model that I strive to emulate and I hope my younger siblings emulate as well. We can only do so much alone, but having a support system like Women of Toledo to be involved with brings out your inner super powers and makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Jade Yu is the owner of Picture This Picture Booths, a photo-booth rental service that specializes in weddings, proms, fundraisers, and corporate events. To connect with Jade, visit her website or contact her at 419-250-5250.

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