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Never Stop Smiling

Life is all about being positive and surrounding yourself with empowering people; at least that is what Mary Brucker, Founder & CEO of Imagine901, has learned throughout her life. This month we are excited to share Mary's story with you and the incredible #419woman that she is here. Here is her story.

After being in corporate America for over 25 years, Mary decided to start her own company. According to her, between a huge leap of faith, incredible mentorship, and believing in during work she loves, Imagine901 was formed almost 3 years ago to this day. It is an advisory agency that has expertise in 3 different pillars - Board: organizational refresh and recharge, Corporate culture and wellness, and Event experience and production. She is blessed to work with agencies like Connecting Kids to Meals, Heartbeat, Destination Toledo, Marco's Pizza, The University of Toledo Foundation, ProMedica, and more. However, currently, she's on a "ride of a lifetime" as she described it, serving as the Co-Chair of the Solheim Opening Ceremony and Fan Fest. This event, which is like no other is happening on Friday, September 3rd throughout Downtown Toledo.

This is not all that Mary does though. In her free time, started a children's theatre company 13 years ago, Ram Drama. With her heart and passion for being in the arts, she knew this was something she needed to do. Ram Drama is not just about learning lines and putting on productions, it's about teaching young children teamwork, confidence, and that they are more than enough just the way they are. She loves to love and live life out loud and being able to share those personality traits with others both inside and outside of Ram Drama is something she absolutely loves to do.

We asked Mary what her secret was to staying inspired and empowered and her answer - surround yourself with positive energy and people who challenge you to be a better person. She says she has the most incredible friendships, with dating over 30 years and some less than 5 that lift her up daily. Without these friendships, she knows her life and work would not be what it is today.

Mary has done incredible things for our community and beyond. After finishing her work with the Solheim Cup, Mary plans on taking her dream vacation to Greece where she will reset and refocus on what is to come next. You can also be on the lookout for her book that will be published soon called "Finding you're Glinda," which is all about knowing that you already have everything you need inside of you and the journey it takes to find it.

Mary resides in the Toledo area with her husband, Brian. Together they have two sons, Brandon and Brady, and one good boy, Tucker.

Thank you, Mary, for being such an amazing Woman of Toledo!

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