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The world has so much to teach us. Get to know yourself, and humanity, on a much deeper level.

I'm global.

This week, my family is in a flurry because we're heading out in a few days for a major trip to Indonesia, an experience that will take my children around the world.

Year 2019, upcoming trip to Morocco. Tanzania will be in July and October will be Japan.

The world has so much to teach us. Get to know yourself, and humanity, on a much deeper level.

When I share what I do as a coach and anthropologist, I always have a few people tell me "they could NEVER do something like that". They say "Zarinah, you're lucky."

I'm blessed but I'm not lucky. I'm not special. I'm from Detroit, Michigan and I didn't come from some rich family. BUT I came to know that I had a choice and that I could make an impact in the world.

And I realize the most important thing is this:

That we as humans realize that our capacity to design not only our lives, but to bring forth ideas that can change the world and make the world a better more loving, just, peaceful place …. our capacity to see these realities come to life is much larger than we could ever imagine.

So, don't dumb yourself down.

Don't ignore your gifts and talents.

Don't ever think that you are just one person.

Don't think that the things you see and want to experience are for someone else and not you.

Don't ever say, "I could never".

For you can and you shall...IF you decide to.

And I have to say, if you're feeling like you are a bit off reach out! I coach and counsel people all the time. We have programs in place to help you and if you're on this list they are available to you.

For my tribe, my people are DOERS. We're action takers even if we get stuck and aren't sure which way to go.

Remember that 1 drop in a puddle creates ripples that move throughout the pond.

Be that drop.



Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, a cultural anthropologist and transformative travel expert who works with women who dream to travel, learn about other cultures, and give back to society in big ways. Learn and connect with Zarinah here:

In partnership with Women of Toledo, Women's Connection :Discovery series! This series is designed to help women and youth in transition get back on the right track and discover a new way of thinking with a growth mindset, to celebrate life in spite of the Ups and Downs, and to be inspired to keep moving forward. The goal is to help women and or youth recognize, through a mindfulness process, and navigate life transitions. Each of this series’ sessions aim to stay mainstream with WOT 3E model goals and objectives to Educate Engage and Empower.

**Story credit to Zarinah own newsletter and website at Enliven You Soul, Nov 15 2018

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