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#419Women, #HerStory and Cultural Heritage campaigns 


At Women of Toledo, our goals are always to nurture and support the goal of learning from the past and reflecting on the present to create a more equitable future. As we acknowledge the progress we have made, it is important to recognize what we’ve yet to accomplish and finds the purpose to keep moving forward by empowering ourselves and others. In response to the pandemic and social injustices, more than ever we are committed to serving and supporting Toledo's diverse community through our digital resources, quarterly in-person cultural heritage gathering, networking, mentoring, and social media marketing to create outreach, and awareness to sustain and maintain a connection during these uncertain times.


To support these goals, WOT will continue creating community awareness and outreach through our #419Women & #HerStory Initiatives and Cultural Heritage campaign to continue educating, engaging, and empowering our community at large on the importance to preserve our cultural diversity and heritage because it keeps our integrity as people. Women within our communities evolve and grow, our young women need to be informed of their own culture and feel empowered to be themselves. Each year we organize a series of #419Women, #HerStory, and Cultural Heritage campaigns programs.


In 2020, we organized a series campaign about Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Women’s Voters, featuring more than 58 local women’s leader stories through a digital campaign. It is important that we see our own faces reflected in history which would enable us to think of ways we can contribute to making a difference.


In 2021, we would like to organize similar #419Women stories series to create awareness during National Women’s History Month in March, #HerStory for Asian Heritage Month in May, LBGTQ+, and Immigrant Heritage Month in June, National Small Women Business in October, and National American Indian Heritage month in November. With these five series of story campaigns, we want to create a space that offers our community members an opportunity to experience the heart, emotion empathy, care, concern – all the content that grabs you and reminds you what being human is all about. We believe, by doing so we can create an inclusive space for our community members to connect, communicate, collaborate, and contribute towards change, be present, always with those we serve.

If you are interested in participating in our #419Women and share your story part of #HerStory, we invite you to participate in our short story series. We want to recognize and honor you during a specific cultural Heritage Month as part of our #419Women or #HerStory campaigns on social media. We aim to highlight women in our community, storytellers, and advocacy efforts that are consistent with our mission and women supporting women. Our goals are to (1) forge positive visibility of women, (2) celebrate women's achievements, and (3) influence others' beliefs and actions. We invite you to be part of this and help the notion that " you can't be what you can't see". Therefore - help our youth read your story and see what they capable to achieve.

Partners and Supporters


 #HerStory - Pride Month, June 2021

Cultural Heritage - Asian Heritage Month, May 2021

Women's History Month, February 2021


#WomenVoters - My Rights My Voice for Election Month, October 2020


Cultural Heritage - Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 - October 15, 2020


#419Women - Black History Month, February 2020