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Ready, Set, AIM with TiAnna Anderson

TiAnna Anderson is a Digital Content Creator and Social Media Strategist at Anderson Innovative Marketing (AIM). AIM is unapologetically committed to assisting beautepreneurs, public speakers, and small business owners reach their next level of success using captivating content that speaks directly to your unique client match. TiAnna has mastered developing a plan to identify your unique selling position and create your brand voice through high visibility social media posts, engaging newsletters, intriguing website copy, real life blog posts, professional video, and beautiful photography that will appeal to your target clients. AIM has partnered with brands, such as, Studio 32NINE Salon, K'Janée Boutique, SexC Cosmetics, Sitting Comfortably Home and Pet Care, and Toledo Area Parent, to name a few.

Years of working primarily with women business owners has inspired TiAnna to help women live more well rounded lives while growing their empires. This year is the inaugural launch of the Ready Set AIM Summit for diverse women leaders and allies who want more from their businesses and careers, and want to use these platforms to make an impact on their families and communities. This summit will provide a safe environment for women to be their authentic selves, network with other movers and shakers, and learn skills needed to level up in a variety of key areas.

TiAnna believe, we women have been the backbone of society for centuries, and when they are confident, have the tools for success, and are empowered, entire families and generations are positively impacted.

"We all have to make sure we’re doing our part to make sure that all women, including diverse women, have equal and equitable access to the opportunities and skills needed to compete in a global market. We must also create a culture of women helping women and not being insensitive, divisive, or judgmental of other women. When we collectively step up, live and share our truths, the universe smiles." - TiAnna

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